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Comment from: Joshua Cypher [Visitor]  
Joshua Cypher


This is Josh, the new president and owner of the World of CD-ROM Kalamazoo.

I came accross your post while searching for topics on World of
CD-ROM via google. I want to say thank you! for your nice
review and kind words toward our store. I hope we continue
to do right by you and I offer my personal assistance if you
ever encounter a problem you can’t solve.

Thanks again,

World of CD-ROM

10/03/07 @ 22:37
Comment from: mcc [Member]  

Congratulations on your new role at World of CDROM, Josh.

You’ve helped me a lot with everything form the setting up the wireless in x64 to helping me get a first rate backup system in place. With your level of customer support, I’m sure you will all do very well.

Good luck!


10/29/07 @ 08:51