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Comment from: Andrew [Visitor]  

I have the PD70X and it drains the batteries even when not in use. Would a firmware update solve the

05/16/08 @ 19:36
Comment from: mcc [Member]  

I’m not sure if a firmware update would help with that or not - it almost sounds like a hardware problem.

How long does it take for the batteries to drain? Just a thought, but rechargeable Nimh batteries tend to have a short life after charging anyhow, maybe they are just depleting between charges?

While it’s nice to have a charger built into the unit, one complaint I still have with the PD70x is that in day to day usage, the batteries are only slightly drained, and then charged back up. With Nimh batteries, it’s best to let them drain down completely and then recharge. I take the batteries out of my unit while it is plugged in, and put them back in only when in the field, specifically to avoid this kind of charging and to help the batteries last longer.



05/17/08 @ 08:29