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Near the Devil's Soup Bowl

Yesterday morning I took a walk through the Yankee Springs Recreation Area,near Hastings, Michigan. I wandered between the Devil’s Soup Bowl and Grave’s Hill. Here are a few photos (click on the images for larger files):

All photos taken with Pentax K3 and DA 16-45mm f4 lens.

Mallows Bay Park

Another small park in Maryland. Mallows Bay is home to a scuttled fleet of WWI vessels that were sunk in shallow waters to create a wildlife refuge. Here is the road leading into the park (click on the image for a larger file):

Here is one of the scuttled ships, as seen from the shore:

Infrared converted Pentax K10D with DA 17-70 lens.

Here is a shot of one of the sunken vessels found a little closer to shore:

And here a decrepit dock right near that sunken boat:

The latter two non-infrared color photos taken with Pentax K3 and DA 17-70 lens.

Ferry Point Park

Another shot from the beach at Ferry Point Park in Chester, Maryland (click on the image for a larger file):

Ferry Point is a small park on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, but provided some great photo opportunities.

Another digital infrared image - I left the color intact in this one. IR converted Pentax K10D with DA 17-70mm lens.

Crooked Tree at Ferry Point

Another snapshot from my wanders in Maryland last week - this was taken at the Ferry Point Park on the Eastern Shore:

Click on the image for a larger file.

Infrared converted Pentax K10D, DA17-70 f4.

August Oaks

A pair of oak trees in the Allegan forest (click on the image for a larger file):

Pentax K`10 IR converted camera and DA 17-70 f4.

The Sun Dappled Woods

Back to an old project… A few years ago I experimented with B&W film exposures of sunlight in the woods, usually in the middle of the day and by definition in full sunlight. The project had mixed results but I feel a call to get back to it and to try to capture what I see and feel at those times. A couple of weeks ago I took another run at it and took a few rolls of 35mm B&W film in lush green foliage using an #11 (XI) green filter. Films is so slow - developing, scanning, printing to a digital file… I have more to go but here is a promising photo:

Pentax Mz-S, FA 20-35 f4, TMax 100 (expired 2010) stand processed in Rodinal 1:100 for 1 hour.

Two Infrared Photos

I visited some old haunts in the Allegan Forest today. This late spring… no leaves on the trees and here it is, almost May.

Here is an infrared photo of a some twisted little trees that always seem appealing to me (click on the image for a larger view):

And here is a nearby group of walnut trees, a place where I have whiled away many an afternoon:

Both photos were taken with an infrared converted Pentax K-10 and Pentax DA 17-70 f4 lens.

I’m repeating myself a little bit here - the twisted little trees were the subject of another IR post in 2008, “Trees in October.” In that case the image was taken with Kodak HIE. And one of the walnut trees was the test subject for a comparison of the IR properties of RM90 and R72 IR filters, in 2007. So I’m repeating myself a little bit here.

In The Bleak Midwinter

A few more shots of pine barrens and scruffy woods taken in late December. Click on the images for a larger file.

These images were taken in the Allegan Forest with the Pentax K-3 and DA 16-45 f4 lens.

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