Arbor Day Pinhole Photos

So what do World Pinhole Photography Day and Arbor Day have in common?

Nothing, actually. But on Friday (Arbor Day) I read about World Pinhole Photography on the internet in the morning. I didn’t pay a lot of attention, and missed the fact that the announcement clearly said Sunday was the day. So I headed out, pinhole camera in hand, to get some shots of the Allegan Forest.

I was surprised to show up at one of my familiar haunts, and find a good chunk of the forest clear cut. I suppose the management is trying to restore more oak savanna, and with 50,000 acres of forest and field the tract of land that was cleared was not hugely significant, but I still found the site of the fallen trees, stacked up in the muck, to be compelling.

And so I made them the subject of the pinhole shots. Not realizing that it was Arbor Day (I discovered that later) there was a certain irony to the site of the stacked tree trunks and clear cut land.

Well, it was good practice for the actual pinhole photography day (a couple of shots to be posted soon). And I’ll have to explore a few more of those 50,000 acres, since these clear cut tracks look pretty crappy for years to follow.



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